Home Education

  • The Great Valley School District supports home education for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

    To begin homeschooling, you must file all of the following with the district before the first day of school: 

    1. A notarized affidavit or unsworn declaration
    2. Your objectives (an educational plan for that year that lists your goals for each required subject for each child.)
      Note about Special Education Requirements: If your child has ever been identified as requiring special education services, you must have the goals and objectives reviewed by either a teacher with a valid certificate from the Commonwealth to teach special education or a licensed clinical or certified school psychologist.  This written notification of approval must be submitted with the notarized affidavit and goals and objectives no later than Great Valley’s first day of school.
    3. Medical and dental records/ health and immunization forms:
      • Immunizations – due each year with the Affidavit
      • Physical report – due with 1st year of Homeschool and again in 6th and 11th grades
      • Dental Records – due with 1st year and again in 3rd and 7th grades


For More Information

  • For more information about home schooling for school-age children, please contact:
    Great Valley School District
    301 Lindenwood Drive, Suite 210
    Malvern, PA 19355
    610-889-2125, 52128
    Abby Linderman
    Supervisor of Specialized Services


Home Education Documents

Important Info/Submitting an Application

  • Once your home education application is complete, you can email it to alinderman@gvsd.org.

    If you prefer, you may drop it off or mail it to:

    Great Valley School District 
    Home Education Program
    c/o Abby Linderman
    301 Lindenwood Drive, Suite 210
    Malvern, PA 19355


Important to Note

  • A child must comply with compulsory attendance from ages six to 18, or until graduation. Homeschooling must be documented and evaluated to account for all schooling during that time. Written notification must be received when you discontinue a Homeschool program to enroll in another school or move out of the Great Valley School District.