Lunch and Learn

  • Over the past few years, our students at Great Valley High School have asked that we bring more opportunities for them to learn about possible career paths and options after high school. The Lunch and Learn Program will do just that! Students will have the option to sign up to attend Lunch and Learn sessions that are scheduled during their 30-minute lunch periods throughout the month. During each session, students will hear from a business executive, company or small business owner, skilled trades professional, or entrepreneur who has volunteered to share information about their chosen career path and experience. This partnership is designed to allow students to hear directly from people working in careers about their education and training, their professional journey and employment history, and more! 

    Are you a professional interested in visiting Great Valley High School to talk with students? 
    Click here to complete the Interest Form.

    To learn more, download our Lunch and Learn program flier that includes frequently asked questions, information about available program times, and recommended guidelines for presentations. 

Common Questions

  • What kinds of careers will be included?

    We want students to hear from a wide variety of people in all career paths.

    Do I need to have a certain level of degree?

    No! If you are living successfully in your chosen field, we want to hear from you.

    I went to a trade school. Is the program open to me?

    Yes! We want students to hear from people who are successful in all fields.

    Do I have to live and/or work in Great Valley to participate?

    No. If you can manage your schedule to be included, we'd love to have you.

    What would I talk about?

    We will provide you with an outline of possible topics, but welcome you to share whatever is relevant to your chosen career path.

    When/how long do I have to be available?

    Our students will be invited to participate during their lunch period on various days during the month. Each session will last 30 minutes, with 3 sessions offered between 11:15 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. You could do as little as one session, and as many as all three during your visit. We will work with your schedule.

    Could I participate virtually?

    Yes! We understand you may not have available time to come to campus, and are happy to accommodate your needs.