GVHS Senior Prom 2021

  • Choose to the left for Prom Arrival Photos!  Photos were taken outside, so masks were allowed to be removed for the photos.




    Total amounts include service/convenience fees.

    Location: Franklin Commons in Phoenixville, PA

    Date: May 15, 2021

    Time: 6:30 to 10:30 PM

    Price: $60 per ticket (financial hardship should contact Mrs. Daney, Mr. McCauley, and their counselor)

    Key Details & Overview Flyer (start here): Prom 2021 Overview

    Franklin Commons Website: Franklin Commons Overview

    Floor Plans: Once a floor plan has been finalized (which will depend on preliminary numbers), a draft will be placed here.


    • Students must be masked at all times when not eating
    • Students must stay within their assigning grouping
    • Sanitizing stations will be present throughout the facility
    • Indoor and outdoor space will be utilized
    • Dinner will be optional
    • Staggered entry times

    Ticket Sales Structure:

    • Tickets will go on sale for SENIOR PURCHASE ONLY
    • Once the Senior window for ticket sales closes, the prom planning group may opt to open up additional tickets depending on capacity limits due to Covid restrictions. 
    • If the sales window reopens, seniors who did not buy tickets in the original are eligible to still buy tickets, while seniors who have already bought tickets may buy a ticket for a date. Date tickets will only be offered to GVHS students, no exceptions.

    Food: Food will be OPTIONAL during Prom 2021 to maintain the safety of students that are uncomfortable unmasked. All meals will be prepackaged by FC staff and disposabe utensils will be used. All drinks will have lids and be served with straws as well.


    • Students will be placed in groups for dancing/dining/activities, with every effort being made for student selection of groups
    • Students will be expected to stay within these groups throughout the night 
    • Each group will have staggered entrance and exit times (though students are welcome to leave earlier if they would like)