Evaluations & Reevaluations During Virtual Instruction

  • Initial Evaluations: As usual, requests for initial evaluations are generally reviewed through the Child Study Team (at elementary and middle school) or the CARE team (at the high school). The district will adhere to the required timelines for evaluations.  Any questions about making a request for an evaluation can be directed to the school psychologist or counselor.

    Reevaluations:  If a student is due for a mandated reevaluation (every two years for students with Intellectual Disability, every three years for all other special education students), these will be completed as scheduled.  Requests for reevaluations of student who are not due for a mandated reevaluation should be referred to the student’s IEP team for consideration.

    Gifted Evaluations: Parents of second grade students will receive communication after the start of school as to whether their student has been recommended to move forward for gifted evaluation.  All other requests to evaluate a student for gifted services should be directed to the building principal, counselor, or school psychologist.