Facility Rental/Use

  • The Great Valley School District is happy to announce that with the shift in local, state and federal guidance regarding COVID-19, we will reopen our indoor and outdoor facility rentals this summer. We welcome our community to use the district facilities for educational, recreational, civic and cultural activities when activities do not conflict with school use or board policy.  

    Below are several things you should know about renting our facilities:

    • District facilities are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis. Should a conflict in rental space occur, we will work with you to find an alternate location, date, or time.
    • Indoor rentals will begin on June 14th and run for the summer months to approx. August 13th. We will continue to monitor the guidance during the summer months for the possibility of extending indoor rentals after the beginning of the 21/22 school year.
    • Outdoor rentals are available now.
    • All rental requests must have a copy of an up-to-date proof of insurance on file before the rental can be approved and booked.
    • All rentals must submit a COVID-19 health and safety plan for the event based on the most recent guidance.
    • The high school stadium will be closed for renovations during the 2021 summer.
    • Any organization who rents district facilities will be expected to abide by current health department rules and regulations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Please visit the Use of Facilities page of our website https://www.gvsd.org/page/156  to submit a request for facility rental, as well as information on:

    • Creating an account
    • Instructions for completing an online request
    • Board policy’s
    • Organizational Classifications
    • Rules of use
    • Indemnity agreement
    • Rental fee’s

    If you have any questions please reach out so that we can assist you in your request at Facilities@gvsd.org

    Thank you for choosing Great Valley School District for your facility rental needs.

    (Summer 2021)