Dual Enrollment Options at GVHS

  • The Great Valley School District is pleased to offer current HS students the opportunity to earn dual enrollment credit for their study of some topics.

    There are currently 10 courses at Great Valley High School that are eligible to receive dual enrollment credit from Immaculata University. Those courses are listed in the chart below, along with the course name at Immaculate for which the student would earn credit. 

    To print an enrollment form, click on the Immaculata course name.  For the 2019-2020 school year, enrollment forms and payment are due by Friday, January 10, 2020. Please submit the form and payment to your child's GVHS teacher. Additional information about dual enrollment is found in the FAQs at the bottom of this page. 

    Additionally, a recording of a parent presentation made in December 2019, is available on this site. 

    • To view a recording of the presentation, click here.
    • To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

    Great Valley Class

    Immaculata Course

    Potential number of credits


    Modern Voices

    IU ENG 122 Introduction to Literature



    Creative Writing

    IU COM 207 Intro to Creative Writing



    Introduction to Matrices and Linear Algebra

    IU MATH 311 Linear Algebra




    IU PSY 208 Statistics



    Introduction to Computer Programming Java

    IU CIS 105 3D Computing



    Introduction to Computer Programming Python

    IU CIS 218 Software Design & Programming I



    Calculus (AA)

    MATH 203 Intermediate Mathematics I



    French 4 (AA/Honors)

    Elementary French I & II IU 101 & 102



    German 4  (AA/Honors)

    Elementary German I IU 101



    Spanish 4 (AA/Honors)

    Elementary Spanish I & II IU 101 & 102



    Spanish 5 (Honors)

    Adv. Intermediate Spanish I & II IU 201& 202




    Q: How much does each course cost?

    A: The cost for each course is $100 per credit, payable directly to Immaculata University.

    Q:  How do I register my child for the Immaculata course?

    A:  Course registration sheets will be distributed to students who are enrolled in one of the classes above.  Click on the Immaculata course name above to print out an enrollment form if your child did not bring one home.  Please complete the specific course registration form by January 10, 2020, and submit it to the GVHS teacher who is currently teaching the corresponding GV course.  Payment is due at the same time and can be submitted with the registration form.  You will be required to complete an enrollment form for each specific course.

    Q: When will my child receive the Immaculata registration form?

    A: Registration forms were distributed directly to students in the above classes on Friday, December 6 or Monday, December 9, 2019. 

    Q: Who will grade my child’s work in a dual enrollment course?

    A: Your child’s Great Valley teacher will send the final course grade to Immaculata at the end of the year.  The Great Valley final grade is the Immaculata grade.

    Q: Will my child need to do extra work for the Immaculata credit?

    A: No, your child will complete the work assigned by the Great Valley teacher.  There is no additional outside work or additional tests that are required by Immaculata.

    Q: What is the deadline for deciding about dual enrollment participation?  

    A: The deadline to submit the registration form is Friday, January 10, 2020.  You will be asked to submit one registration form for each course and payment is due at the same time.

    Q: What can I do if I have a financial hardship that prevents my child from seeking dual enrollment?

    A: Please contact Dr. Capetola or Dr. O’Toole as assistance may be available to you.

    Q: If my child is registered, will colleges know the course is a dual enrollment course?

    A: When your student applies to a college, the institution would only know about dual enrollment if you notify them and/or submit a transcript for transfer credit.

    Q: Can you guarantee that the credits my child earns will transfer to a college other than Immaculata?

    A: No. Due to the specific college requirements and eligibility for transfer credit, we cannot guarantee that the credits will transfer.  However, if you are interested in seeing if your credits will transfer to a specific institution, you can use https://www.collegetransfer.net/ and enter the Immaculata course code to view eligible transfer courses.

    Q: What if my child earns the credit but doesn’t want to share the results with another college?

    A: You do not need to request a transcript from Immaculata and send it to another college.  If your child earns Immaculata credit, your child will have a transcript/college record at Immaculata; however, you are not obligated to share the transcript with another institution unless you want to request transfer credits.  If your child attends Immaculata, the credits will appear on his/her Immaculata transcript.

    Q: Is this replacing University of Pittsburgh and Montgomery County Community College dual enrollment opportunities?

    A: Yes, parents have indicated that confusion is caused by us offering dual enrollment at multiple institutions. By offering dual enrollment with only one institution, we will be able to follow one procedure for the courses and eliminate confusion for parents and students when requesting a transcript.  

    Q: When and how can I learn about this more?

    A: Click here to view a recording of the informational session we hosted via Zoom on December 9.  To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here.  If you have any additional questions, you may contact Dr. Capetola or Dr. O’Toole.