• Frequently Asked Questions

    These are several questions that I receive from parents

    Question: When does tryouts and practice start? How long do they run? How long are the seasons?
    The middle school season is different from the High School Season. Only football starts before the first day of school (August 20th)
    The tryouts for the middle school fall sports start during the first week of school, usually the second or third day. Fall sports finish during the first week of November.

    Question: When do the other season start?
    Answer: Other start dates are
    Winter Season November 11th
    Spring: March 2nd 

    Question: I have a doctors physical from April last year. Can I use this with the CIPPE form (Sports Application)?
    Unfortunately NO. the physical exam has to be completed June 1st or after for the upcoming season. This may be in addition to your child’s annual physical. Try to schedule history & physicals/ camp physicials and sports physicals for the same visit after June 1st. Unfortunately for this year it may be an added expense as insurance may only pay for one physical a year. You might want to consider CVS, Minuite Clinic, or other vendors who have certified personnel.

    Question: Can I just attached the physical to the form?
    The entire packet needs to be filled out. You fill out sections 1-5. You can attach the physical to the packet. Most importantly the physician needs to sign the bottom of page six and state that the child is cleared to play. Often the form is received attached with a physical and no clearance. HIPPA prohibits us to contact your physician to discuss page six.

    Question: What paperwork do I need to turn in?
    Please refer to the Athletics Checklist 
    For all first time applicants:
    CIPPE form
    Emergency Contact Information
    $95.00 fee payable to Great Valley School District

    Subsequent seasons Winter/Spring (The above forms turned in for an earlier season) Section 7 or Section 8 and fee.

    Question: My child already played a sport and paid a fee. Do I need another?
    Answer: Yes, each sport requires a fee. If someone does not make the team, the fee will be returned by District Office. All of the above should be turned in together to the office prior to tryouts.

    Question: Do all teams have cuts?
    Unfortunately there are some teams that have cuts. This may be due to number of uniforms or cap number of players. Some teams might keep all students if tryout numbers are low. If a student does not make a team He/she will be notified personally by coach. Some teams like Cross Country, Track, Football generally keep all candidates.

    Question: When are games and practices? How long are practices?

    Answer: All games and practices occur during the week. Some teams might attend a weekend tournament. Practices start after school and run to 4:30 to 4:45. Students should be picked up by 5:00. All games start usually at 3:15 with the 8th playing first followed by the 7th. Some opponents only have a combined team which would mean only the 8th grade would play. These situations would be shared well in advance. Buses usually return from away games around 5:00 but this is depending on the other school’s location.

    Question: Do you have games or practices during breaks or on weekends?
    Generally, we do not practice during breaks. Games are not scheduled during school holidays, in-services or conferences.

    Question: Will my child get into games if he makes the team?
    As in everything we do at GVMS, we try to prepare our students and athletes for the next level. During 7th grade sports the
    focus is building skills. Coaches try their best to get everyone a equal amount of playing time. The length of game might impede the amount of playing time.
    At the eighth grade level more often a core group of players may be used with bench players filling in. Playing time might be affected by the students attitude, work ethic, preparation, attendance and skill set.
    Coaches try to be as fair as they can. Any issues with playing time should be addressed to the coach.

    Our goal is develop our athletes the best we can and to feed the high school programs with the best developed athletes.

    Question: Can my child play for both GVMS and a travel team?
    The answer to that is yes. Often the travel team helps to enhance the skills of our athletes. Priority should be given to games and practices at GVMS. Any conflicts should be brought to the coach’s attention as soon as they are known.

    Question: When will my child get to know the particulars about the sport they are trying out for?
    For the Fall Season C
    oaches will have meet and greet sessions with the students who are interested in trying out usually two weeks prior to the end of  school. Time and locations of these meetings will be announced at lunch as well as during the morning and afternoon announcements. Postings will be made in the hallways as
    well as the school’s ayhletic website.

    For the Winter and Spring Seasons the coaches for the upcoming seasons schedule the meet and greet two – three weeks before the start of tryouts. Announcements are made a month before tryouts urging the students to get their paperwork in.