Attendance Information

  • Pennsylvania law affects the parent's role in ensuring that student absences due to illness are excused. Important highlights of the law include:

    • A parent note is required for all absences within three days of the absence. All absences are considered unexcused or unlawful until the school receives a written note or email documenting a valid reason for the absence. While parents remain encouraged to call the school to report an absence, a phone call alone is not sufficient to excuse the absence.
    • A student may be absent 10 times due to illness during a school year without a doctor’s note being required. A doctor’s note will be required to excuse any absences after 10 days of illness.
    • At the high school, students are not eligible to receive credit for work completed during an absence if that absence is unlawful or unexcused (no note from parent or doctor).

    The bullets above are only highlights of the law. Please refer to Policy 204 and its Administrative Guidelines for complete information. Because attendance is a critical piece of student success, our staff is proactive in working with families to understand attendance policies. Should you have questions or need clarification, please contact your school principal.

    To report absence via email, please use the following email addresses:

    Charlestown Elementary School:

    General Wayne Elementary School:

    KD Markley Elementary School:

    Sugartown Elementary School:

    Great Valley Middle School:

    Great Valley High School: