May 5, 2020


    Dear Great Valley Middle School parents,


    The 2020 Fall sports seasons are quickly approaching so we want to touch base with you regarding physicals and other required paperwork for athletic participation.  We are excited to announce that we now offer the convenience of online registration for our sports programs through the registration platform, FormReLeaf.  FormReLeaf is an intuitive and secure registration platform providing you with a user-friendly way to register for our programs, while helping us to be more administratively efficient.

    To access a tutorial on how to navagate the Application Process please click
    Video for Great Valley Walk Through

    This video will cover the following stepts:

    1. All students coming out for a fall sport will need to register with FormRe
    2. To begin your online registration use this link to access FormReLeaf: Form ReLeaf Registration
    3. Signup for your FormReLeaf account by entering your name, e-mail address and password; confirm your password. Agree to the FormReleaf Terms of Service.
    4. Now login to FormReLeaf using your credentials (email address and password)
    5. On the top menu bar select “Find Organization
    6. Search for Great Valley Middle School by typing the first few letters of our school’s name; once located, click on “Great Valley Middle School”
    7. Click on the Program (“2020 Fall Sports”) you wish to register for.
    8. After clicking on the appropriate Sport(s), complete all of required information.
    9. If you have not already done so print out Section 6 (PIAA physical physical). A physician must complete sign and date this page.  The physical must be dated 6/1/2020 or later to be accepted for the 2020-2021 sports seasons.  This page will need to be scanned and attached in the registration under the Physician area (Physical Upload).  If you are unable to scan the document, it should be delivered to the Athletic Director for review.  This is required prior to participation in the sport to complete the registration process.     
    10. Sign (using your mouse/finger/stylus) in those fields where appropriate. Parent and student signatures are needed for multiple sections.
    11. When finished click “Submit
    12. You will receive confirmation from FormReLeaf when you have completed your registration.
    13. The Athletic Dept. will verify all registrations once submitted.
    14. If you need help at any point of the registration process, you may call FormReLeaf Customer Support, Monday through Saturday at (844) 367-6735.
    15. All athletes who participate in a Fall Sport will be required to submit payment of $95.00 for the activity fee. Activity fees will be collected between August 24th and August 29th.   If an activity fee has not been turned in by August 29th, 2020 the student will not be permitted to participate in the sport until the activity fee has been submitted.  Activity fees can be paid via PaySchools Central at https://www.payschoolscentral.com/.


    The online registration process and physical submission process should be completed/submitted no later than August 6th, 2020 for football to ensure that all paperwork is completed properly and  for August 20th to ensure your athlete is cleared to participate in a Fall sport.   The Fall sports season will begin on Thursday, August 27th, 2020 for football and Thursday, August 19th, 2020 for all other fall sports.  If you have any questions please let me know.  The fall coaches will receive a list of students who have submitted the necessary paperwork prior to the start of the season.  No student will be permitted to participate in a fall sport with incomplete paperwork. 


    PIAA CIPPE Section-6

     Section 6 must be completed by an Authorized Medical Examiner (AME).  The PIAA requires that page 6 be signed by the AME at the bottom and listed as "cleared" even if additional documentation of the physical is attached to the paperwork.  This section needs to be uploaed ont FormReleaf  The CIPPE may not be performed earlier than June 1st 2020 and shall be effective, regardless of when performed during a school year, until the next May 31st.


    PIAA CIPPE Section 7

    The PIAA CIPPE form Pg. 7 (Recertification by Parent/Guardian) must be completed for any athletes who participate in additional sport seasons after the initial season covered by the Initial CIPPE form.  This form may not be completed earlier than six weeks prior to the first Practice day of the subsequent sport season.  The parent and student are required to sign on the bottom of the form.  Upon completion, this form must be uploaded onto FormReleaf (additional questions on FormReleaf will need to be filled out)

    PIAA CIPPE Section 8

    The PIAA CIPPE form Pg. 8 (Certification by Licensed Physician of Medicine or Osteopathic Medicine) must be completed for any student who, subsequent to the completion of Sections 1 through 5 of the Initial CIPPE form, required medical treatment form a licensed physician of medicine or osteopathic medicine.  This section may be completed at any time following the completion of such medical treatment.  Upon completion, the form must be turned into the  Main Office.   Please consult the Athletic Director if you have questions prior to completing this form.