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Community Partners

Be a Part of the Conversation

Be a Part of the Conversation is a nonprofit organization that creates dialogues about substance use and its impact on individuals and their families.  Through guest speakers, panels, educational workshops, and parent support meetings, the Conversation involves all members of the community to foster open communication about a subject that is often shrouded in fear and shame.  The Conversation aims to remove stigma in order to clear the way for a culture of support and growth.

The Great Valley School District Education Foundation

The Great Valley School District Education Foundation encourages the community to be active participants in student education through philanthropy. By securing funds, resources, and knowledge from the private sector, The Foundation works to provide educational, cultural, athletic and wellness initiatives that may not normally be supported by the school district's curriculum and budget. The strength and empowerment of The Great Valley School District Education Foundation is dependent on building a solid bridge between our community and schools. We invite you to participate by sharing your ideas, resources, time or knowledge to help promote excellence in education. Your support and talent are indispensable.

Neighbors in Black and White, Inc.

Neighbors in Black and White, Inc., is a locally managed 501c3 non-profit dedicated to sharing a message of hope that people of different backgrounds can live together in unity and be a force for racial justice and inclusion throughout life. The organization offers students in the Great Valley School District the opportunity to participate in a poster contest focused on Black History Month. The goal of the contest is to encourage students to learn more about the contributions of Black people in America, and to highlight students’ talents. The contest has both an art component and short writing component. 

The YMCA of Greater Brandywine

The YMCA of Greater Brandywine provides before and after-school enrichment for elementary-aged children across the Great Valley School District’s four elementary schools.Before-care options will begin at 7:00 AM and resume when children finish their school day until 6:00 PM. The YMCA offers sibling discounts and financial assistance and accepts state-funded subsidies through ELRC (CCW). YMCA of Greater Brandywine members receive a discounted price. Membership is not required to enroll.