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The Great Valley School District does not distribute fliers to students from any outside organization. Non-profit organizations within the Great Valley School District may request that a limited number of fliers be made available in each school office by contacting the communications office at 610-889-2125, ext. 52126. The organization is responsible for providing the paper copies. Advertisements in school newsletters and/or publications are not permitted, unless the sponsoring organization is directly affiliated with the school or district.

Yard Signs

In an effort to support community organizations' upcoming events, each of the school locations and the District Office has a "sign garden" in which community organizations may place their yard sign. The "sign garden" is a mulched area on the school property close to the road. Yard signs are not permitted on grassy areas of the school property. All signs must be approved in advance by the District. There is a fee to place a sign. This fee covers the maintenance costs associated with the "sign garden" at each location. Signs placed without approval/payment will be removed and discarded.

  • Non-profit fee: $5 per month, per sign, per location
  • For-profit fee: $25 per month, per sign, per location

Please see the complete Yard Sign Guidelines