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Graduation Requirements

The Great Valley School District and the State of Pennsylvania mandate a combination of required and elective courses for each student. To graduate from Great Valley High School, students must complete a minimum of 24 credits of course work including all required and elective courses.  

(Requirements for students attending Technical College High School Pickering Campus are different.)

Required Course Credits

English 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Science 3 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Physical Education 1.5 credits
Health .75 credits

Elective Course Credit

Total Elective Credits 8.75 credits
  A minimum of 2.00 credits of total Elective Credits must be in the area of Humanities. Arts and Humanities includes all electives with the exception of those in the business department.


ACT 158 Graduation Requirements

Per Act 158 of 2018 (Act 158), students are required to meet statewide graduation requirements in addition to the locally established graduation requirements here at Great Valley in order to successfully be a candidate for high school graduation. There are five pathways to satisfy the ACT 158 requirements. The information below was adapted from the PDE website on graduation requirements. 

See the Pennsylvania Pathways to Graduation graphic provided by the PA Department of Education.