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Great Valley Creating a New Age of Learning

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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

The Great Valley School District focuses on the social and academic growth of each child. To that end, we provide a rigorous academic program rooted in best practice and delivered by an exemplary professional staff. Our curriculum is horizontally and vertically aligned, meaning that the concepts and skills students learn continue to build from year to year in all content areas. In addition, we are proud to offer a rich array of electives at our high school where students can explore their interests and talents. 

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The Great Valley School District uses various means of assessment that gather data and evidence of students' learning. There are three types of assessments used in Great Valley:

Diagnostic assessments: These help us identify your child’s current knowledge, any possible misconceptions about an area or topic before instruction occurs, or their skills and capabilities. Diagnostic assessments help Great Valley educators know your child’s strengths and areas for growth to help plan instruction.  

Formative assessments: The primary focus of formative assessment is to identify areas that may need improvement. These assessments typically are not graded and act as a gauge of students’ learning progress and to determine teaching effectiveness. 

Summative assessments: Summative assessment is more product-oriented and assesses the final product, whereas formative assessment focuses on the process toward completing the product.

Within Great Valley School District, our educators use a balanced approach to assessments to measure student learning. 

Department of Teaching & Learning

100 Lindenwood Drive
Malvern, PA 19355

Dr. Stephen O'Toole

Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Erin Yeagle

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Tricia Beck

Director of Teaching and Learning

Rebecca Wysocki

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Kathleen Ayers

Instructional Technology Coach

Mrs. Khristina Hunt

Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Ms. Abby Linderman

Supervisor of Specialized Programs

Mrs. Teresa Lynch

Secondary Literacy Coach

Dr. Julie Mest

Secondary Math Coach

Dr. Amanda Pierce

Elementary Supervisor

Dr. Beth Zigmont

Secondary Supervisor