• Reading Workshop
    Each and every day, we will be taking time to read in Kindergarten because 1. it's FUN, and 2. the only way to learn how to read, and grow reading skills, is to read, read, read!  

    Kindergarten Reader’s Workshop:


    Welcome to Kindergarten Reader’s Workshop! We are excited to partner with you in building your child’s reading life at home and at school. The skills and strategies taught throughout the unit are introduced gradually and will be developed during the entire school year.  Please know that each child will travel this developmental journey at his/her own pace.


    Unit Goals:

    ·         Readers will build their reading identities.

    ·         Readers will respect and take care of books in their community.

    ·         Readers will build strong reading habits.



    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks like and sounds like!):

    ·         Good readers have share books with others by remembering and retelling books they love.

    ·         Good readers read pictures and words and make meaning from page to page.

    ·         Good readers handle books with care and store them carefully in the right spot.


    Ways to support your child at home:

    ·         Help your child create a book basket in which they can practice caring for their books

    ·         Help your child begin to grow stamina by having him/her stay focused on a book either by looking at pictures and/or text (depends on developmental level of the child)

    ·         Visit your local library

    ·       Find a favorite spot to read in your home


    Why do good readers read the pictures?

    Answer: The pictures tell the story.


    Why do good readers reread a book over and over?

    Answer: It helps the reader to remember and retell the story.