• Math -
    *Check the homework log for nightly assignments (The homework log should remain in your child's "Take Home" folder all week long and I will collect the log on Friday)
    *Math homework will be assigned 2-4 times a week
    *The math homework provides your child with reinforcement of skills and information taught in school. 
    *Dreambox may be assigned from time to time in place of a workbook page or worksheet  
    Word Work/Spelling -
    *Word Work packet is given for 2 weeks.
    *Practice the 5 sight words along with the list of spelling words
    *Tests will be every other Friday
    Reading -
    *Students will use the reading log section of their weekly homework log to record their nightly reading
    *Please read at least 20 minutes Monday - Thursday
    *Parents please sign the reading log section
    *The reading log will be collected every Friday 
    Homework Tips: 
    *Try to find a quiet spot
    *Check over the homework
    *Directions should be followed on the paper
    *Your child's name should be on the paper
    *It should be done neatly