Welcome to Dogs at Work!

    This is our big Nonfiction Unit where we decided to explore dogs and the work they do!


    In Phase 1.. (End of November)

    • we explored what we knew about dogs and created webs to work off of
    • we wrote stories about experiences we have had with dogs


    In Phase 2... (December and 1/2 of January)

    • we started to research and learn about dogs and the work they do
    • we had experts come and visit us to teach us about some different dogs and their jobs
    • we wrote about our visits and what we learned
    • we picked a dog job topic to research more about on our own and write about it


    In Phase 3... (January)

    • we picked a group topic to study more in depth
    • we do some more research and learnings
    • we create a project to show what we have learned
    • we present the projects at our Expert Fair!


    Check out some photos from Phase 2 and our Expert Visits! 



    Donna Sargent & Lily from Canine Partners for Life(Service Dogs)

    Miss Lesley & Harvey from PAWS for people (Therapy Reading dog)

    Dr. Opielski & Arden (Vet)