• The following are the Major Topics you should be able to define, explain, and show you understand completely.

    Use your class notes, textbook, homework, and any classroom activities to help you study, review and practice to get a thorough understanding of these concepts. 

    * Remember, this is just the Major Topics and does not cover everything we discussed, read and worked on.  You need to have a deep understanding of each topic.
    The Five Themes of Geography    Time of Year:
    • Location
    • Region                              Late August-Mid September
    • Place
    • Movement
    • Human-Environment Interaction
    Types of Maps
    • Political Maps                     Late August-Mid September
    • Physical Maps                     
    • Thematic Maps
    Lines of Latitude and Longitude
    Parts of a Map and the purpose of each part
    Earth's Hemispheres
    Physical Geography
    • Land                                 Late August-Mid September               
    • Resources
    • Climate
    • Vegetation
    Human Geography
    • Humans Adapt to the Environment
    • Humans Affect the Environment                              Late August-Mid September
    • Humans Restore and Preserve the Environment
    • Human Movement
    • Humans Spread Ideas
    History's Beginnings                        End of September-End of October
    • Early Humans adapted to their environment. They developed tools and domesticated plants and animals to improve their lives.
    • Farming helped the development of settlements among early humans.
    • The first communities were farming villages that will evolve into complex villages.
    Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent          End of October-End of December
    • The geography of an area influences the settlement of people.
    • Groups must adapt to their surroundings in order to meet their needs.
    • Civilizations will begin to develop in a region of southern Mesopotamia called Sumer.
    • The First Empires of the World will begin to develop and expand throughout Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent.
    • Knowledge of the beginnings of the Israelites and the reasons they had to defend themselves throughout history.
    Ancient African and Asian Civilizations            Beginning of January-End of February
    • The success of the Egyptian Civilization was linked to its location near the Nile River.
    Ancient and Classical Greece                March-Mid May
    • The geography of an area has an affect on many aspects of daily life including settlement patterns, government and trade.
    • The ancient Greek city-state of Athens set the foundation for democracy.
    • The Greek civilization's advances have influenced the world today.
    The World of Ancient Rome            Mid May-End of School Year
    • The Roman Empire has left an impact on Western Civilization.