Hello and welcome to Mrs. Ahern's homework page.  Students should record homework in their assignment book daily.  Homework will also be posted in OneNote.

     Example Homework Schedule:
    Reader's Workshop
    • Read for twenty minutes each night. Log your reading on your reading log.  
    • Please record your thinking on post-its.  You should be completing a minimum of two post-its each night.
    • Due on Friday:  Reading Log, 4-6 post-its and 1-2 reader responses.  Make sure you are using the prompts.



    New words lists are given out on Monday, Spelling tests are every Friday.



    Workbook pages and/or Dreambox


    Wordly Wise
    • Each lesson will be completed over a 2 week period. Tests are given every other Thursday.
    • The students will complete the workbook pages in class during the first week. 
    • During the second week, students will complete the workbook pages and will also be given a review sheet to reinforce the words. Students check their work in school. 


    Wordly Wise books can be taken home to study but must come to school each day.