• Math In Focus


    Currently Great Valley is using the math program called Math In Focus. It is a Singapore math program that we are using whole heartedly.  This program will help the students to gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and achieve success throughout their math career. You and the student will have access to the math materials online. Please find the directions below.

    Additionally we are using a computer based program called Dreambox. This is a program that can be used on a tablet (as an app) or on the computer (through the internet). This program is a game based mathematical learning tool. It differentiates the activities to meet the needs of each individual child. This is a wonderful program  that the children really enjoy. Within the first few weeks of school a letter will be sent home with your child's log in directions. 


    How to log onto Think Central:

     1. Go to https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do

      2. Choose Pennsylvania from the State Drop Down Menu

      3. Choose Great Valley from the School District Drop Down Menu

      4. Choose Katheryn D. Markley Elem School from the School Drop Down Menu

      5. Enter username: your student's user name is their student number (a six digit number)

      6. Enter password: kdm2013

      7. Click log in


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