Counseling Department Staff

  • GVHS COUNSELING DEPARTMENT (p: 610-889-1918 ext. 21930; fax: 610-889-1971)

    WHO IS MY COUNSELOR?  Each of our counselors works with students in grades 9- 12, providing assistance with academic advising, post-secondary planning, career exploration and social/emotional counseling. Students & families may contact their counselor directly by phone or email. Caseload is determined alphabetically:

    • CLASS OF 2021 (Seniors): Lavelle (A-Coo); Bebee (Cop-Ham); Kane (Han McCa); Saracino (McCb-Rob); Martin (Roc-Z)
    • CLASS OF 2022 (Juniors): Lavelle (A-Cro); Bebee (Crp-Jeo); Kane (Jep-Mon); Saracino (Moo-Sem); Martin (Sen-Z)
    • CLASS OF 2023 (Sophomores): Lavelle (A-Da); Bebee (Db-Hop); Kane (Hoq-McL); Saracino (McM-Sai); Martin (Saj-Z)
    • CLASS OF 2024 (Freshmen): Lavelle (A-Day); Bebee (Db-Gy); Kane (H-Mat); Saracino (Mau-Rod); Martin (Roe-Z)

    School Counselors:

    Counseling Support Staff: