• Mrs. Ferraioli's 2nd Grade Math Class

    New to our math curriculum...Dreambox! A letter went home with your child explaining the program and how to log in. 

    Click here to login to Dreambox!

    During your child’s year in 2nd grade, we are implementing our math curriculum, the Singapore math program. I’d like to provide you with a brief background on homework to help you understand the beliefs behind this new way of mathematical thinking and problem solving. 


    Math Homework

    ·        Every student has a workbook. This workbook will travel between home and school when homework is assigned.

    Math Workbook

    ·        Please only have your child complete the pages that have been assigned as homework. 

    ·    Homework may differ from student to student depending on each child's needs. This means that sometimes your child's homework may not be in their workbook.

    ·        Students will receive daily homework assignments to reinforce math skills that are learned in school. Homework will be recorded in the agenda book. Students will be responsible for having a parent or guardian sign their book each day to note that the day’s assignment was completed.
          ·    All of our materials can be accessed online by going to: http://https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do
                   Type in our: state, district, school
           Enter username and password

             Username: your child's lunch number

           Password: gw2013

          ·    If there is ever a specific math problem or work page that is difficult for your child, please have your child write a note along with the problem number, so I can be sure to reteach your child that specific skill or strategy at school. Your child will know how to form these notes, because we will practice in school. Thank you!

    Thank you so much for helping us to develop strong mathematicians!