• Mystery Reader Guidelines
    **Our reading time is typically Thursday from 3:10-3:25. 
    Please plan to sign in at the office before reading, around 3:05 or so.
    Parents are welcome to take their child home after reading, at dismissal.
    Please email me if you would like to schedule another day or time to read.  
    Remember to keep your identity a secret! Please check out our guidelines before visiting our classroom.

    The book:
         * Please choose a book that your second grader really enjoys.
         * Picture books, poetry books, and short non-fiction books are great choices. Please don't bring a chapter book....too long!
         *We have a tight schedule. You will only have 15 minutes to read. So, choose 1 book that takes about 15 minutes to read OR choose 2 shorter books.
         * If you're having trouble finding a book, please check in our Library. Our librarian can give some good suggestions!
         * Remember to submit 3 clues to Mrs. McFarland prior to your reading day.
                                   Clue #1 Tough Clue that won't give you away. (Something that your child might not know about you.)
                                   Clue #2  Something that your child might know about you. (favorite food, color, animal,etc.)
                                   Clue #3  Clue that will reveal your identity to your child ( pet's name, your job, your address, special family memory, etc.)

    "Keeping it a Mystery":
         *Please arrive early enough to sign in at the office and still be outside the classroom a minute or two early. Most likely someone from the office will call our classroom before they send you down the hall.
          *When you arrive at our room (Room 20), knock loudly on the door. Then, move back so so that no one can see you and reveal your identity.
           *At this point, we'll have read our final clue and we'll be ready to open the door and let you in!

           *Please DO NOT bring any food or other treats for the class. It's enough of a treat just to hear some wonderful books read by such wonderful "mystery readers"!

    Thanks for volunteering your time to share a special book with our class! Have fun!