• What is Reader's Workshop?

         In our 2nd grade class, reading is taught daily with a reader's workshop model. This means that for about an hour each day, students participate in a reading mini-lesson and read self-selected books independently and with partners. Also at this time, I conference with individual students, meet with guided reading groups, and instruct small strategy groups.

        The beauty of this program, is that it allows me to work with children often and to teach a wide range of reading abilities at once. In addition to allowing each child to be instructed at their own level, reader's workshop encourages children so that by the end of 2nd grade they will be able to:

    * move from "learning to read" to "reading to learn"

    * identify and talk about many favorite, well-loved titles, authors, and genres

    * independently choose books at their own reading and interest levels

    * understand and use fix-up strategies as needed

    * engage in meaningful reading for a significant period of time

    * think about and discuss books with others