• Please see the Policies and Procedures contract below.  This is used for Bella Voce, Concert Choir, Chorale, and Chamber Singers.  Chamber Singers and Chorale will be given more paperwork at the beginning of the school year. 

    Great Valley High School Choirs





    Welcome Great Valley High School choir members! It is a privilege to be working with you this year. Please read through these Policies and Procedures and become familiar with them. Our goal is to become well-rounded musicians and individuals. Let's have a great year together!



    Course Description

    There are three choirs here at Great Valley High School. Each choir will have its own varied repertoire suited for its voicing. The choirs are required to attend all performances, mandatory rehearsals, and classes throughout the school day. Participation is essential in any choir. 



    Course Objectives

    As a choir member it is our objective to learn about the art of choral singing. This learning will take place primarily in the choir rehearsal through the use of exercises, vocal warm-ups, sight singing, class activities, selected music and interaction with the director, accompanist and classmates. An important element of the class is the two required public performances (December and May).




    Students are expected to:

    1. Attend ALL scheduled concerts and performances
    2. Always come prepared to class (music, folder, and pencil)
    3. Be on time for all rehearsals and specially scheduled practices
    4. Conduct themselves with courtesy and respect for other choir members and the instructor at all times in and outside of the walls of Great Valley High School
    5. Take care of music, folders, and other equipment if assigned
    6. NEVER chew gum, drink, or eat inside the choral room
    7. Leave their cell phone in a backpack or locker


    Choir members must maintain a cooperative and respectful attitude and behavior toward everyone which includes substitute teachers, school administrators, and other students. The same behavior that is expected of students in the chorus room is expected of all chorus students in each of their classes and the school. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Remember that chorus is a class that a student chooses to participate in and requires a commitment and dedication on the part of the student.



    Grading Policy

    Chorus is not a regular class with homework and tests. Students will be expected to know their music and attend all rehearsals. This course is highly based on participation so most of your grade will be determined by class participation. Attendance, effort, behavior/attitude, and knowledge of music will be the basis of most grades. The other part of your grade will be concert and other performance attendance. The winter and spring concerts are MANDATORY


    Performances                                                                                      100 points/concert

    Participation                                                                                        10 points/evaluation




    Winter Concert Rehearsal                                             TBA               

    Winter Concert                                                           6:20pm           

    Honors Concert                                                           6:20pm            

    Spring Concert Rehearsal                                              TBA

    Spring Concert                                                            6:20pm            




    Parents are encouraged to join the Great Valley Music Parents Association. This organization provides support for the various activities. We need people to help with chaperoning trips, fundraising, etc. Your involvement is very important to the success of your children. Please contact Matt Ceresini for more information. Meetings are the 1st MONDAY of every month.


    Trip Information

                Please email Ms. Fisher for specific information.  We travel every other year between Disney World and Universal Studios.


    Contact Information

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the policies and procedures for the coming school year. My email is avogel@gvsd.org or 610-889-1900 ext. 1942. (Email is the best way to contact me.)



    I have read the material in this packet and agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of Concert Choir.






    Student/Parent Agreement:

    I have read the choir syllabus and agree to abide by Policies and Procedures stated above. I fully understand my responsibilities as a member of a GVHS choir.


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