• Please be sure to check Skyward on a regular basis. Link is above
    • It is the responsibility of the student to complete any missed or late assignments which can be turned in late for full credit prior to each quiz. 
    • Students: show all your work to your parents.
    • Parents:  review your child's work and encourage them to seek help if needed
    • Unit Assessments are not sent home...they are kept on file. Your child has the opportunity to review the assessments and schedule a time to ask questions.
    • Abbreviations in Skyward:
    1. MISS:  Missing (student has not turned in work. Must do so immediately)
    2. 1:  If a student earns a 1 for an assignment,  it means that the assignment is missing and the grade will remain a 1 until the assignment is turned in. Full credit can still be earned despite being late.   
    3. LATE:  Late (student did turn in work late and credit was given)
    4. ABS: Absent (student was absent and must turn in work)
    5. Check Mark: Assignment was not counted for points (no count) but credit given for completion
    6. *:  Grade or Check was not posted yet in skyward
    Academic letter grades will be determined according to weighted categories:
    • Homework: 10%
    • Labs/Activities: 30%
    • Quizzes and Tests: 60%
    Extra Credit: There are no extra credit assignments. Multiple opportunities throughout the marking period encourage students to self-monitor learning of concepts and improve grades.
    Retakes: There are retake opportunities on quizzes. In order to retake, the student must...
    •  not miss any homework assignments prior to the quiz 
    •  complete self created review activity
    •  see teacher to make a plan and/or review mistakes
    •  retake quiz within 6 cycle days of receiving the original quiz score

    Qualities of Learner (QL) Grade:

    • Coming to class unprepared 3 times or having 3 missing, late, or incomplete assignments during a marking period will result in a Needs Improvement (NI) Quality of a Learner grade (QL).
    • Repeated missed additional assignments will result in the QL grade dropping to Unsatisfactory (U). 
    • Other factors such as effort, attitude, and class participation will also play a role in the QL grade.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to complete any assignments he/she has missed and keep them in his/her science binder or on the computer after showing the teacher.
    • See GVMS Qualities of a Learner rubric for more information.