• Pacing Guide ~ 8th Grade Science

    1st Marking Period: Astronomy

    ·         Formation of the Universe

    ·         Galaxies and Stars

    ·         Formation of the Solar System

    2nd Marking Period: Geology

    ·         Continental Drift, Earth's Interior, Mechanism of Movement

    ·         Plate Tectonics: Boundaries and Features

    ·         Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Rock Cycle 

    3rd Marking Period: Meteorology

    ·         Air Masses, Temperature, and Humidity

    ·         Air Pressure and Wind

    ·         Fronts, Clouds, Precipitation, and Forecasting

    4th Marking Period: Natural Resources and Environment

    ·         Minerals and Mining 

    ·         Fossil Fuels and Environmental Concerns

    ·         Alternative Energy and the Environment