• Mrs. McFarland’s Book Lending Library


    ·       Books will typically be sent home Monday through Thursday nights.  If a book is not returned the next day, a new one cannot be sent home until it is returned.

    ·       Second graders should read about 15 minutes each night.  It should be fun!  If you’re not enjoying your reading time, please let me know. You may need help choosing “just right” books to take home.

    ·       Many books are labeled with Mrs. McFarland’s name on the inside cover or on one of the first pages.  Please take care of the books. Tell Mrs. McFarland ASAP if a book is lost or damaged.

    ·       This “Book Bag” should always be in your backpack.  When you read your book at night, take it out from the bag, and when you are finished, put it back into the bag.  Mrs. McFarland will check for returned books each morning.


    ·       If you wish to read the same book several nights in a row, that’s great!  Just bring it back to school for Mrs. McFarland to check, and then you can take it home again the next night!

    ·       You can also read a book from home, the Charlestown library, or local library too!  There should always be a book in your “Book Bag”.