• Software Links

    Here are a number of useful applications. Wherever possible, these applications are free, and some are also open source.  If you'd like to see something added to this page, email me.

    Web Design Software

    Pretty solid HTML and CSS editor that Microsoft has released as free software. Windows only.
    Good HTML and CSS editor that has support for a number of platforms and other languages. 
    Text-based multi-language editor. 
    And, of course, there's always notepad... 

    Image Editing Software

    My go-to freeware image editor for Windows.  It's not Photoshop, but it really doesn't try to be. 
    The standard for freeware, cross-platform image editing. 

    Programming Software 

    Basic visual programming environment that helps students understand the fundamentals of programming.
    Program games and virtual worlds for your PC or your XBox.
    Slightly more advanced than Scratch, uses a 3d environment to teach programming concepts. 
    Learn Java programming in an interactive and visual environment. 
    Great editor for learning how to program, especially programming in Java. 
    Good, very flexible text editor that offers support for a large number of languages.