We have a math program that you can do from your home computer or IPAD called DreamBox! 
     If you are using an IPAD you also need our school code: mvmd/czvv
     The students have their own personal login!
    Unit 1
    Number Sense:
    - reading and writing numbers up to 10,000 in 3 forms: word, standard, expanded
    - comparing and ordering numbers
    - adding and subtracting numbers
    - finding factors of a number, including the GREATEST COMMON FACTOR (GCF)
    - finding the multiples of a number, including the LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE (LCM)
    Unit 2
    Multiplication and Division:
    - multiplying 2 digit X 2 digit numbers using 2 strategies (standard and area model)
    - long division with remainders
    - real world questions with multiplication and division
    - estimation of multiplication and division
    Unit 3
    - finding unit fractions
    - finding and explaining equivalent fractions
    - comparing fractions
    - adding and subtracting fractions (and being able to show using visual models, and use real world models)
    - understanding mixed numbers and improper fractions, being able to rename an improper fraction as a mixed number and vice versa
    - renaming whole numbers for subtraction
    - fractions of a set
    - multiplying fractions and whole numbers
    Unit 4
    - students use money to help their understanding of decimals to tenths and hundredths
    - use area models to show decimals and mixed numbers to tenths and hundredths
    - model equivalence of fractions and decimals to tenths and hundredths.
    - add decimals by converting to fractions and adding.
    Unit 5
    - draw a point, line, line segment, angle and ray
    - identify and draw right angle, acute angle, and obtuse angle
    - identify and draw parallel and perpendicular lines
    - estimate angles using a protractor
    - use a protractor to draw angles
    Unit 6
    - understand and convert metric and customary units of measurement for length
    - understand and convert the metric and customary units of measurement for mass and weight
    - understand units of time, and word problems with intervals of time
    - be able to use the PSSA formula sheet to apply cups, quarts, pints, gallons, mL, liters
    - apply area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world problems, with a missing side, for whole numbers only
    - find the area and perimeter for composite figures
    Unit 7
    - shape and number pattern that follows a rule
    - determine the rule for a given function table
    - determine the missing parts of a function table
    -collect, organize and interpret data in a table
    - create a table from data in a tally graph or bar graph
    - read and intrepret data in a table using rows, colums and intersections
    - make a line plot to display a data set of measurements of a fraction of a unit in intervals of 1/2 and 1/4
    - solve problems using addition and subtraction of fractions by using information presented in line plots (with common denominators)