• FAQs

    Why did we change our elementary math curriculum in 2013-2014?

    • All school districts in Pennsylvania are now expected to align curriculum to a set of learning expectations defined by the state. These academic expectations are known as Common Core Standards. Our new math curriculum aligns with the PA Common Core Standards.
    • Questions on the PSSA will change in the 2014-2015 school year to reflect learning around the Common Core Standards. Our new curriculum ensures that students are prepared for those changes.
    • The new Common Core Standards focus on students as strong mathematicians and problem solvers. In addition to building students’ fluency in basic math and computation skills, our new math curriculum sets more rigorous expectations within our elementary math classrooms.


    What is Math in Focus? Why was it selected to support the elementary math curriculum?

    •      Math in Focus is a K-8 math program based on the Singapore Math curriculum and framework.
    •      Math in Focus directly aligns with the new Pennsylvania Common Core Standards and includes resources directly related to the state’s new academic expectations.
    •     The revised elementary math curriculum and Math in Focus emphasize problem solving. Students learn the “why” and “how” through instruction, and then strengthen their skills through hands-on activities and problem solving.
    •     Math in Focus consistently employs a “Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Progression”: each math concept/skill is first modeled with concrete/visual materials (e.g., chips, blocks, etc.); students practice and demonstrate mastery using these concrete materials and eventually progress to a more abstract level using only numbers and mathematical symbols. There are many opportunities for practice as students gain a deep understanding of concepts.