• Elementary Math

    The Great Valley School District Elementary Math Curriculum revisions took place in 2013-2014 and were prompted by the new Pennsylvania Common Core Standards.  We are confident that our revised curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in the basic skills, a deep understanding of number sense, and enhanced problem solving skills. Like many Chester County school districts and others across the state and nation, we will be using the Math in Focus Program to support our math instruction.
    This web site will be used to provide information to parents about our elementary math curriculum. Please use the links below for more information:
    Videos are being added regularly to continue to provide support to parents and students at home.
    Learning Resources
    Dreambox is an interactive, online learning tool that uses a video format to reinforce the math concepts students are learning in school. Students can access Dreambox both in school and at home, strengthening the home-school connection.
    Because Dreambox adapts to the individual student, the online software challenges students to improve their math skills. Students log into their individual Dreambox account to access activities that are tied to the math standards in their curriculum. The software supports conceptual understanding, fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
    Every student in grades K-5 has access to Dreambox, thanks to funding provided by The Foundation at Great Valley. To set up your child’s account, please use the instruction sheet provided below. Note that each instruction sheet is specific to the school, so please be sure to download the instructions for the school your child attends. 

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