• My bounty is as boundless as the sea,

    My love as deep.  The more I give to thee,

    The more I have, for both are infinite. 

    Romeo and Juliet, 2.2


     Reading Tools and Extensions
    • Interactive Full Text:  This has hyperlinks that are SUPER helpful in understanding the language and connections.
    • Full Play text If you ever forget your book or need to copy and paste text or want to review, this amazing site (thanks MIT!) has the entire play at your fingertips.
    • Modern Translation:  If you're really struggling, visit this site.  But realize you'll be asked to work with the original text in class and on assessments.


     Background Information

    Click here and follow the instructions to gather information on the infamous William Shakespeare. This gives you loads of interesting information about our author, his times, and our play.  This is just a starting point, so get ready!
    Intro to Shakespeare PowerPoint   [Download]
    We went over this in class, but if you'd like to see the slides again, they are here for you.
    I hope you someday get to travel here yourselves, but in the meantime, explore the website to learn about the magnificent theatre where Shakespeare's plays came to life.
    Dramatic Terms [Download Document]
    Remember, use the American Heritage Dictionary to get the best possible definitions.
    The Author Himself, Mr. William Shakespeare
    The Authorship Debate:  Who IS Shakespeare?! 
    The Great Debate continues, as scholars argue over who the mystery of Shakespeare really is. Which side are you on? A believer in the one and only, or a doubter who smells a hoax? Read these theories to help you decide.
    The Play
    If you're confused about any sections, or if you'd just like more information about the events, content, background, check out some of the links below to help you out!
    Shakespeare's lingo is still inspirational!

    This amounts to endless fun...just keep clicking to get new insults :)

    Watch this awesome YouTube clip about the origin of the word "ye" and how it's really the abbreviation for "the."  Who knew we needed a shorter version of the three letter word!!
    Act I
    Act II Prologue Rap - So, this is a student project, but they get the idea right.  And they end with insults, so that's fun.  Enjoy!!
    Extension activities

    Want to practice writing?  Write a character sketch for any player we've learned of so far.  Download the guidelines here and submit any time for feedback.