• What is screencast technology?

    Screencast technology records everything happening on a computer screen—including audio. Screencast files are stored/viewed as video recordings: in regards to education purposes, screencasts can allow teachers to respond to student work in ways that point-out specific areas of interest in the student’s writing. Paired with audible verbal comments or question, students may review their personalized feedback online at any time.


    A note about Jing and Privacy:

    In creating screencasts, I will use a program called Jing to record video feedback; all uploads will go to screencast.com. Uploads will only be accessible through a link posted on students’ papers via turnitin.com. Students will review their papers in the same manner they have been; however, I will enclose a video-link within one of their comments.


    Screencast.com creates completely private links. While students may choose to share the link, access to the link is only granted through their password protected turnitin.com account. On screencast.com (where the links are stored) there is no opportunity to search for other videos or browse other links; thus, feedback is completely secure.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this information! I invite further questions, and you may contact me any time.

    Brittany Carlino
    Teacher of English
    Great Valley High School