German Commercials and Videos

    German television usually runs the entire programming without any commercial breaks. At the end of the show they present a number of commercials some quite short- some a bit lengthy. Most people run to the kitchen to load up with food for the next program during this time. Commercials have become witty and somewhat different than we're used to. Here is a selection that I could put on my website.

    German Coast Guard 
    A cognate is a word that looks like. sounds like and means the same in two languages. Look what happens when someone finds a false cognate.

    German Speed Bump

    A local Home improvement company runs a competition to see if the viewers can come up with a clever home improvement idea. At risk is a 5,000 Euro prize. This commercial has a older man putting a speed bump in front of his house to deter a certain speeder. He speaks angry and hurriedly. His wife is more intent  on filming the flowers. There is enough cognates to understand what he is saying. The results are obvious

    Caffeine Commercial

    This was originally a commercial for a drink similar to our Red Bull. These drinks are made to wake you up people took the commercial and call it a Scary Car Commercial. You are lulled into a pastoral setting and given a wake up. At the end you see the words," So wach warst du noch nie" (You were never so awake.) They cut the drink picture out of the commercial
    Washroom prank 

    Two wash rooms are set back to back. they are identical in fixtures and separated by a pane of glass. A set a twins come in and stand on both sides and mirror their actions. Obviously the other guests do not see their reflection in the "mirror" and wonder why they see the twins. German with English subtitles.

    German Water Bed Prank 

    Try our waterbed. A candid camera catches people getting wet from a waterbed that is designed to sink them. Funny reactions from the customers.

    Rivalries between a French and German flight crew creates a competition to see who can get back to the terminal first. 

    German Candid Camera

    CPR Dummy