Volunteer Opportunities


    Want to Volunteer while Staying at Home? The People's Pantry at Church Road could use your help. If you are able to make a donation and can send a photo and a quick caption, please forward it to Mrs. Search via email annsearch@gvsd.org and she will post it to encourage others.

    The People’s Pantry has had an increase in the number of families they have helped since March.  Since two of their major food drives didn’t happen, there will be one on Saturday, October 3 from 9 AM to noon. Some food items you can donate are:

    • Corn
    • Green beans
    • Peas
    • Beets and mixed vegetables
    • Baked beans
    • Canned kidney beans: light and dark red
    • Pudding
    • Jello

    You can also drop these items off any Tuesday between 10 and noon.


     Other Volunteer Activities you can participate in from your home (perhaps with some help from a family member):



    (just another solution in case we can’t organize it within the school) 


    Games with seniors 


    Play board games with seniors through online meetings. Many games are available virtually, so students don’t need to purchase copies of the games. 


    Be my eyes 


    The blind or visually impaired have never experienced colors the same as we have. Signing up to describe colors/ items to the blind can help them grasp the concepts better. 


    Transcribing historical documents  


    Many historical documents have been preserved in the Smithsonian. With quarantine, people cannot visit these documents, so online versions are necessary. Translating them to other languages is also an option for students.