• German Cities 
    These sites will help you explore some of the cities found in Germany. Try to imagine what life
    is like for people who live in these places.

    German Panorama
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    This website give you panoramic glimpses at various sections of a city. Find  and click on a city on the left that you might be interested in.  Follow the pictures that are presented.

    City Panoramas

    Here you can visit cities and take a good look around. View most interesting locations from all point of the compass, and experience the architecture in its totality. Find your way around at the train station or look around the park and market place in the city.
    Interactive 360° panoramas of German cities give you the chance to imagine you are within the scene, with the ability to zoom in or out, and to follow the hotspots to the next points of interest. Click on the widescreen button to view the panoramas in full width.

    Join us on a journey through sixteen German Cities. The cities we visit are the German state capitals. German states are administrative divisions of Germany with own government represented by ministers and a comparable position to that of a chancellor. The states’ head governs independently in all issues but those affecting the nation as a whole.
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    Health has become one of the megatrends of recent times. Germany is the ideal destination for a health-focused holiday thanks to the broad range of health and wellness activities available.