• What does Reading and Writing look like in the Kinder-Garden:
    Reading to children  ......... Interactive read aloud with a variety of books, genres, tiltles, authors,
    Reading with children......... Shared reading of poems, songs, big books
    Reading by children........ readers workshop reading just right books for each student
    Writing for children........ daily messages, poems, notes, and signs
    Writing with children........kindergarten daily news, classroom books
    Writing by children.......... writers workshop, writing for life (lists, card, letters, poems, etc)
    Readers workshop is a time in our classroom that students participate in a teacher-led minilesson that teaches a single teaching point (skill, strategy) and then have the oppurtunity to read independantly self selected books to practice or try that skill. Students also read with partners and meet one on one and in small group with the teacher or another support professional.
    Writer's Workshop is a time in our classroom that students  participate in whole group mini-lessons focused on specific writing skills or strategy.  The students then practice these strategies during independent writing. As students are writing, conferences occur with individuals and small groups to guide their writing instruction and provide feedback to aid in writing development. The students are exposed to a wealth of mentor texts, which provides them with models for different writing techniques. Throughout the year, the students will learn about various writing modes.