• All About Mrs. Shock 

    All About Miss Dodson

    I am so excited to be back for my thirteenth year teaching at Charlestown! For two years, I taught math at Charlestown and K.D. Markley. Then I spent five years with a third grade homeroom! I have even taught some of your brothers and sisters! This year is my sixth year with a fifth grade homeroom! Before I began teaching in the Great Valley School District, I graduated from West Chester University as a member of the Honors College with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Mathematics. In May of 2013, I received my Masters of Education from Cabrini College.
    I love math, but I also enjoy reading during my free time. I love to read new books, so if you have any suggestions, I can't wait to hear them!
    I also love exercising. I teach cycle classes at the YMCA. My favorite hobbies are cooking and crafting! My daughter Abby loves to cook with me too, but she really loves baking. Mr. Shock and our son Ezra love to eat our creations! :) 
    Here are some pictures to help you learn more about me. I am so excited to learn about all of your hobbies and what things are important to you!
    wedding picture
    This is a picture of me with my sister Rachel, my husband Mr. Shock, and my brother Alec at our wedding! 
    This is my daughter Abby! She is five years old. I also have a son named Erza. He turned two in March.
    Abby and Ezra
    Here is a picture of our whole family! 
    I can't wait to learn more about you and your family! 
    Kaia the puppy
    This is our dog, Kaia. She was just a puppy in this picture. She is A LOT bigger now! 
    My sister Rachel
    This is my sister Rachel. She graduated from West Chester University, just like I did!
    My brother Alec
    This is my brother Alec. He graduated from Penn State University!