• Composer of the Week:  Vincenzo Bellini

    Bellini Vincenzo Bellini was an important Italian opera composer.   Born in 1801, he was something of a child prodigy.  At age 2, he started studying music theory.  At age3 he started piano, and could play very well by age 5.  His grandfather was his primary teacher.  At age 18, he entered the Naples Conservatory  (school of music)  and began composing almost immediately. 

    Bellini eventually moved to Milan, Italy.   There, he wrote operas such as Norma, I puritani, and La Sonnambula.   Opera is a type of musical performance that involves singing, costumes, dance and staging.  In an opera, there isno spoken dialogue (in a musical, there is some spoken dialogue, and in a play,almost all dialogue is spoken).   Among Bellini’s other successful operas were Il Pirata and La Scala. 

    Bellini’s career was cut short by his early death.   In 1835, he contracted an intestinal infection, from which he ultimately died.   He was one of many composers in history who died young after having been so amazingly talented in their childhoods.


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