• Composer of the Week:  Michael Giacchino

    Giacchino Michael Giacchino is an Italian-American composer who was born in Riverside, New Jersey.   Born in October of 1967, he maintains dual citizenship in the United States and Italy.   Giacchino was first interested in film production and animation, then music.  He graduated from both the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and the Julliard School of Music. 

    Giacchino’s first successes as a composer came in the world of video games.   His scores for the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty World War II-themed games are well-known.   In 2001, he branched out into writing music for television, composing the music to the series Alias.   In 2004, he achieved great success when he was hired to write the music for groundbreaking series, Lost.


    In 2004, Giacchino was commissioned to write his first mainstream feature film score for the Disney hit,“The Incredibles.”   Since that time, he’s composed the music for Mission Impossible III, Star Trek (2009), Ratatouille, Up, Cars 2, Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) and Spider Man: Far From Home (2019).  He recently finished scoring the re-boot of the Jurassic Park series, entitled "Jurassic World," which includes portions of John Williams' original themes.  

    In September of 2016, it was announced that Giacchino would compose the music for Star Wars: Rogue One.  This was a major, last-minute change.  The original composer (who was going to write original material and use John Williams' themes) was no longer available because filming was taking so long to complete.  Instead of having a year or more to work, Giacchino had only a month.  He also recently composed the music for The Incredibles 2.  Michael Giacchino currently lives in the United States and remains an active composer today.  

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