General Procedures


    A.      4 minutes to dress for class.

    B.      Students must present a note from a parent/guardian or doctor to be excused from class.

    ·         An additional note is required for the student to return to activity.

    C.      After class students will use proper personal hygiene.

    ·         Bring soap, towel and deodorant

    D.       Students who are unprepared will be assigned modified activities.

    E.       Do not touch equipment without permission.

    Dress Regulations


    A.      Students must change from school attire into acceptable athletic wear.

    ·         Socks and Sneakers are required

    ·         T-shirts must have sleeves

    ·         Warmer clothing for outdoor activity

    B.      All jewelry must be removed and locked in locker (bag or box in locker).

    C.      Long hair should be pulled back.

    D.  No gum chewing.








    Locks and Lockers


    A.      Keep all clothes and valuables in your LOCKED locker.


    B.      If you lose your lock do not leave anything in your unlocked locker.


    C.      Misplaced locks will be displayed outside of the teacher’s office.


    D.      Replacement locks= $5.00







    3 Unprepareds = Detention


    5 Unprepareds = Unsatisfactory  



    3 Lates = Detention













    Flag Football


    Cooperative Games




    Personal Fitness




    Field/Floor Hockey


    Track and Field