Mr. Weiner      Room 119



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                                                          COURSE OBJECTIVES


    The student will:

    1.     Developan understanding of the relationship between physical, mental, and socialhealth.

    2.     Realizethe personal responsibility for maintaining and improving the quality of theirhealth.




    1.     Arriveto class on time. 

    2.     Beprepared by bringing your notebook, pencils, and any work that is due.

    3.     Anotebook is required for Health class. It should allow you to organize all class materials and take notesduring class.

    4.      All assignments are due at the beginning ofclass on the due date.  Anything turnedin after that will be considered late. Assignments will be accepted up to two weeks after the due date, with amaximum grade of 85%.  Assignments willnot be accepted after the two week extension. 

    5.     Studentsare responsible for making up all assignments missed due to absence.

    6.     Studentsare permitted one retake of any quiz or test. The retake must occur within two weeks of the original quiz/test.

    7.     Extrahelp and make up/retake tests or quizzes are available every day during 8thperiod.  I will be happy to give an 8thperiod pass for these reasons.

    8.     Beattentive and RESPECTFUL to your classmates and teacher at all times.



    The ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT GRADE will be based on a combinationof homework, in class assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests.

    The QUALITIES OF A LEARNER GRADE will be based on factorssuch as class participation, on time completion of assignments, preparednessfor class, and ability to stay on task.