• 8th Grade Health Pacing Guide


    1st Marking Pd.  Nutrition and Physical Activity

    ·                    Health and skill related fitness components

    ·                    Planning for Fitness

    ·                    Sports Nutrition

    2nd Marking Pd. Intentional/Unintentional Injuries

    ·                    Adolescent risk behaviors

    ·                    Administering basic first aid

    ·                    Violent crimes

    3rd Marking Pd.  Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

    ·                    Drugs of abuse

    ·                    The effects of substance use/abuse on relationships

    ·                    Drugs/alcohol/tobacco addiction treatment

    4th Marking Pd.  Personal Health/Growth & Development

    ·                    Social/emotional development during adolescence

    ·                    Stress management

    ·                    Consequences of STDs