• 6thGrade Health

    Pacing Guide



    Marking Pd. 1 Nutrition and Physical Activity

    ·                   Making healthful food choices

    ·                   Your body’s nutrient needs

    ·                   Benefits of physical activity

    Marking Pd. 2 Intentional/Unintentional Injuries

    ·                   Personal safety habits

    ·                   How to handle injuries and emergencies

    ·                   Conflict resolution skills

    Marking Pd. 3Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

    ·                   Commonly abused substances

    ·                   Consequences of drugs/alcohol/tobacco use

    ·                   The decision making model

    Marking Pd. 4  Personal Health & Growth Development

    ·                   Changes in body systems during adolescence

    ·                   Personal practices that reduce health risks

    ·                   Media’s influence on behaviors and attitudes