Kindergarten Art Class


    Paul Klee Inspired Fish Paintings:


    Students learn about types of line, and how to properly handle different art materials. 

    Klee Fish



    Klimt Style Trees and Sleeping Babies:


    With a continued focus on line, students create two projects inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt.  The first is an image of a tree.  While the second is a colorful blanket with a sleeping baby.        


    Arcimboldo Faces:


    Mixed media is used to help develop an understanding of the shapes found on the face.


    Shape & Repetition:

    Students will learn about the primary colors and construct a piece of work related to Matisse.  They will learn about the concept of repetition with shapes and colors. 

    To further enhance the repetition, a gumball machine will be created focusing on repeating elements, common in the work of Wayne Thiebaud. 

    One of the concluding kindergarten projects introduces students to the work of Kandinsky.  A series of circles will be stacked to form a colorful abstract masterpiece.