5th Grade Art Class


    Illuminated Letters:

    After viewing traditional illuminated letters, students select a letter of their own. They are asked to use pattern and line to create visual interest. The technique of colored pencil blending allows one color to transition harmoniously into another.  


    Portrait Exploration:

    Students are learning the proportions of the human face. They are applying these concepts to make a series of self-portraits. These include drawing abstract faces in the style of Picasso, realistic portraits, and a mixed media piece including printmaking.  


    Coil Pots:

     Students will have an opportunity to create a container with clay.  They will become familiar with a technique called coiling and build using the clay.  The process will be reviewed from raw clay, construction, glazing and the kiln process.  



     Students will look at masks from their historical purposes to ones used in modern times.  Different cultures and parts of the world will be examined.  Then they will be asked to create a mask of their own.