4th Grade Art Class


    Concentric Circles:


    Concentric circles are used in various cultures in art; students will see several examples of historical uses of circles in art. They will learn how to use a compass to make a series of circles. Color and pattern will be added to make the projects balanced.

    Circles           Circle



    Aboriginal Dot Paintings:


    The artistic influences of Aboriginal artwork will be discussed.  Students will create an original painting that tells a story.


    Aboriginal Dot


    Pinch Pots:


    A pinching process is used to make bowl like vessels.  Students work on making well-crafted pots and then use glaze to add pattern and color. 




    The pointillism process using dots serves as an inspiration for the painting project.  A basic drawing is created showing parts of an outdoor scene, then students use a series of dots to add life to the image.  Optical color mixing helps to allow the various parts of the painting to be seen clearly.




    City Drawing and Action Person

     Students will begin to explore the concept of perspective in a two part project.  They will first be challenged to create a city with realistic looking buildings that disappear into a vanishing point.  Next they will learn how to draw a person in action that will be added to the city scene.