3rd Grade Art Class


    Animal Texture Drawings:


    Drawing animals can be challenging, but by using the concept of shapes again, students can create beautiful animals. The animal is drawn neatly first, then texture is added to make it more interesting and realistic.  Students will also get an opportunity to explore the art of zentangle and patterned animals. 


    Oaxacan Clay Animals:


    Students learn hand building techniques with clay and get a better understanding of the kiln firing process.  Artists of Oaxaca, Mexico serve as an inspiration with their wood carved animal sculptures. 


    Japanese Printmaking:

    The printmaking process is explored through use of foam printing sheets, rubber fish, and stamps. Students view traditional Japanese prints and create an image of their own to be printed multiple times.



    Shoe Drawing:

    Shoe drawings are wonderful examples of observational drawings with a focus on line and shape. Students learn about the artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and their colorful shoe drawings.   

    Shoe           Shoe



    Facial Expressions:

    Students will learn about drawing facial expressions and how body language can help depict an emotion.