2nd Grade Art Class


    Paper Sculptures:

    Students learn about freeform shapes found in artwork. They discover how a 2-dimensional shape can be transformed into a 3-dimensional sculpture. In addition, they will begin to establish an understanding of shading. 




    Weather Collages:

    Mixed media collages allow students to create a scene of weather. They will review the types of weather and how to visually depict a particular weather event.  

    Weather           Weather



    Mexican Bark Painting:

    Students will learn about some of the Mexican traditions associated with this painting technique. Next, they work on designing their own bark painting.  They will plan the composition and finish with painting the image. 




    Class Mural:

    Diego Rivera, a traditional artist and Romero Britto, a modern artist, will be explored. Their murals will be compared and contrasted.  Students will create a mini mural to take home, as well as, a class mural to experience the process of making a collaborative piece of art.