1st Grade Art Class




    Students will learn how to draw a landscape that shows perspective. Projects will demonstrate an understanding of foreground, middleground and background.  They will use watercolor paints to create a landscape with warm colors and cool colors.




    Still Life:


    Students learn the difference between a still life and a landscape.  They will have to opportunity to mix primary colors to create secondary colors to be used on their pieces of fruit.  This multi-medium project gives students exposure to different supplies and techniques. 

    Still Life           Still Life



    Paper Self Portrait:


    Students learn the proportions of the face, as well as where parts of the face are located.



    Paper Portrait


    Clay Portraits:


    Students will create a 3-dimensional faces using clay.  They will learn about the clay process including the kiln which heat and hardens the clay. 


    Nature Inspired Piece:


    Students work on creating scenes with insects and small creatures using their fingerprints. Then, they focus on adding detail to their image to make it a finished piece.